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All Day Dog Adventures LLC
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All Day Dog Adventures is a dog training school specializing in bringing the fun and exploration back into the training methods for you and your dog. We offer a variety of services specializing in dog obedience classes with agility, in-house 1:1 sessions, scent and search workshops, pet therapy courses and our bespoke hiking experiences for you and your four legged friends. All Day Dog Adventures has its main training facility located in the heart of the beautiful and vast landscape of the Flathead Valley located less than 15 miles from the Gateway to the Glacier National Park, which allows easy access to more than 2 million acres of Flathead National Forest land waiting to be explored by our future customers. The training school has a dedicated enclosed training field providing a safe area for our classes. We have fun classes to suit your need!

At All Day Dog Adventures, you will be given a friendly and knowledgeable service which will help you and your dog bond and work as a team, through reward based positive training methods. We are a family run business, based in Columbia Falls, with experience in canine coaching, obedience, agility, scent work and the training of search and rescue dogs. We want to give you the best and most rewarding experiences and training possible that will be both enjoyable for you and your dog.
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734 9th Street West
Columbia Falls, MT
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233 13th Street East

PO Box 312

Columbia Falls, MT


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