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chamber ambassadors

The Columbia Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are a group of dedicated business professionals who volunteer for the Chamber as liaisons between the Chamber of Commerce and member businesses to foster meaningful participation from the membership to increase member retention and engagement. 

Mission: Connecting the Chamber and the Community

Goals: The Ambassador Team is a pivotal link between the Columbia Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and its members.

    •  Foster engagement with new Chamber members during their first 6 months of membership.
    •  Engage current members to enhance utilization of their Chamber benefits.
    •  Promote Chamber Member businesses to one another and to the public.
    • Promote the value of the Chamber to member businesses.

Benefits of Being a Chamber Ambassador:

    • Opportunities to network with other businesses and the public during events
    • Be one of the first to meet and support new members while promoting your own business.
    • Make a difference in your business community by helping to plan and execute business growth activities.
    • Meet and work with business leaders in our community.
    • Peer recognition among other dedicated professionals like yourself.
    • Develop sales, management, networking and marketing skills.
    • Recognition on Chamber social media outlets

Meet our Current Ambassadors:

Dixie Parker - Ambassador Chair 2024

Valley Realty - Team Dixie NW

What do you love about our community?  Columbia Falls community is easy to fall in love with from the people to the mountains, both are wonderful and beautiful.  Finding a place to call home that is as warm and inviting as Columbia Falls is hard to do, we are lucky to live in such an amazing place.  Our community is like a large extended family where everyone helps each other whether it be supporting local businesses or helping a neighbor in need.

Why did you join the ambassador team? I joined the Columbia Falls Chamber and the Ambassador program to be more involved in the community and to give back to help our local businesses succeed.  I know from past experiences that the best way to be part of the community is to be involved.  I enjoy helping people, whether it is helping a business succeed or helping people with the mortgage on a home to buy their dream home, giving back to the community is something that makes me happy.

Amy Lynn

Freedom Bank

What do you love about our community? To be in the community and know somebody by the way they walk, what they drive or what color their bicycle is. To be able to ask somebody how their vacation went without them thinking you are prying into their life. To watch the children grow from birth to graduating seniors all in about “three” years. Along with looking out for each other, tight-knit communities generally experience less crime since community members are unlikely to commit them against one another.

Why did you join the ambassador program? “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members!” ~ Coretta Scott King

Andrea Robinson

406 Bling Shack 

Why do you love our I love our community? because you are never left alone! There is always someone standing by to give a helping hand if you need it.

Why did you join the ambassador team? I joined the ambassador program in hopes of meeting new people and doing my part in helping in the community.

Brittany Buckallew

Re/Max Mountain View

What do you love about our community? What I love about the community of Columbia Falls is the actual community itself. It is the people and feeling you get when you are there. Growing up in Columbia Falls, I knew it was a special place and I knew that I was lucky to have deep roots in the town. However, as an adult I have also realized what an honor it was and how badly I want my children to also be raised there. While the town and the community has grown over the last decade since I was a high school cheerleader for the Wildcats it is in many ways the exact same. Columbia Falls is home and at the end of the day it is one big family that supports and rallies with one another. To say that is special is an understatement.

Why did you join the ambassador team? The reason I joined the ambassador program for The Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce, is because I love being involved in the amazing community that is not only Columbia Falls but the Flathead Valley. I think it is so important not only professionally but as well as personally. I also really want to continue to give back to the community that has not only given myself but my family so much and help it to continue to grow and prosper for many generations to come. There are also so many unbelievable people involved in the chamber, and I am so excited to make stronger connections and learn from everyone.

Kim Hallett 

Whitefish Credit Union

What do you love about our community? The thing I love most about Columbia Falls is the sense of community I feel as I go about my day to day activities.  Running into a teacher while out at a local restaurant or seeing your favorite barista at the grocery store and being able to create that friendship and familiarity…it’s a good community feel.

Why did you join the Ambassador Committee? I’ve had so much fun volunteering at past Chamber events that I thought it was time to join in a more committed fashion.  I look forward to growing both personally and professionally throughout my time as an ambassador.

Lana Bedker 

Fidelity National Title

What do you love about our community? I appreciate the tight-knit small community spirit, where everyone knows each other and looks out for their neighbors.

Why did you join the Ambassador Committee? I see this as an opportunity to build relationships, learn from others and contribute positively to the community.

Rylee Kuntz

Black Diamond Mortgage

What do you love about our community? I grew up in the Flathead valley, but it wasn't until 2012 that I became a Columbia Falls resident. Every event that I go to, be it for kids, fun, or professionally,  I can count on seeing a familiar friendly face. The families in this community really know how to rally behind any child, family, or individual in need of extra support. I love that! The fellowship here in Columbia Falls is a true blessing and by being  a part of this community my family has grown outside the walls of my home. 

Why did you join the Ambassador Committee? Engaging with your local community can give one a sense of belonging, I want to help others find that. By getting plugged-in and supporting growth in others, I hope to do just that. Our community is growing rapidly and I want to be part of and have a voice in all the changes to come. 

Sophia Edwards

Columbia Falls Estate Planning 

What do you love about our community? I fell in love with Columbia Falls 10 years ago, with its small town neighborly feel. How friendly everyone is to one another. The feeling my heart got like it was home. I love how our community believes in providing our kids and families a wonderful and safe environment to be surrounded by.

Why did you join the ambassador program? I joined the ambassador program because I wanted the opportunity to give back to the community as well as the local business owners that bring a little extra to this place we call our home.

Tamara Sundberg

Columbia Falls High School 

What do you love about our community?  I love that Columbia Falls is home. Columbia Falls is home to various people of various different careers, backgrounds, ideals and ways of life.  As a community we are stubborn and headstrong, a community that has had to bend and grow and re-emerge several times stronger due to job loss, economic change and influx of work.  We are a solid community that steps up. If I look at Columbia Falls through the eyes of the School District #6 we are not only a community that represents a single nuclear area, but we are a community that has the ongoing opportunity to join in tandem with Coram, Hungry Horse, West Glacier and Martin City. They are very much part of our community and a large part of what makes C. Falls strong and unique.  We are lucky to have such an array of resources, people and opportunities in this vibrant place.  Columbia Falls is a wealth of outdoor recreation, employment and beauty that is unmatched anywhere else in the State. The proximity of resources allows us as a community to have year round employment opportunities and areas for growth. We have backbone and we have struggles. We are a community with strong values of hard work, grit and neighborliness.  I love Columbia Falls because it is home.

Why did you join the Ambassador team? I joined the Ambassador Program for selfish reasons:  Firstly, I would like to grow professionally and personally by helping to grow business relationships within the community.  I would also like to introduce the large workforce resources we have at the Columbia Falls High School.  There are hundreds of educated, talented, and hard working students that are a great resource to the businesses of our community. I also joined the Ambassador program because on a daily basis I watch families and students struggle due to housing issues. Columbia Falls is faced with a housing crisis and I believe our local businesses have the opportunity to become stewards in growth in this area. I would like to work closely to foster strong relationships with businesses in order to ensure C.Falls students graduate with the skills and education local businesses desire. I would like to become more involved overall in the local business environment. I believe that the Chamber and local businesses offer the public and incredible service.

Connect with our staff to learn more about joining the Columbia Falls Area Chamber ambassador team. 

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