Wildfire Discussion Points and Resources

13 Aug

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Many visitors in our area have questions and concerns in regards to air quality, closures and wildfires.  Below are suggested discussion points to use to keep visitors updated and aware of the situation, while still giving them suggestions on how to continue to enjoy their stay.

General Talking Points:  

  • State the facts only. Avoid making assumptions or dramatic statements.
  • Always discuss what is open first and then discuss what is closed.
  • Remind them closures are for public safety and to allow access for emergency vehicles.
  • Words such as “temporary” and “currently” are important when discussing closures.
  • Direct visitors to the below resources for current information if you are unsure of the answer. Don’t make up an answer.
  • Avoid sharing photos or news about fires on your personal or company social media pages. Rather, share photos and information that captivate the beauty of what is open.
  • Share sightseeing places outside of the closed areas. For example, Many Glacier, Two Medicine, Apgar, Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir, Flathead National Forest Land, Glacier National Park and Polebridge.

We want visitors to enjoy all of the beauty in our area!


Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.


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