Photo Courtesy of Visitmt.com

Polebridge is an off the grid homestead outpost, tucked away in the northwest corner of Glacier National Park, otherwise known as “up the North Fork”. Fewer than 50 people live in the area year round, and that population swells in the summer to around 300. Popular with locals and visitors are several coveted National Forest Service cabin rentals perched in perfect locations, offering an authentic Montana adventure for a steal of a price.

You can’t get any closer to the pioneers experience than you will in Polebridge, where the North Fork of the Flathead River flows past and the most remote peaks of the park shine. Finger lakes line this part of Glacier National Park where glaciers once descended into the valleys and left behind deep clear jewels of lakes.

The Polebridge Mercantile is a jewel of its own right. The original building houses a bakery that people design their entire trips to the area around making a trek up the 35 miles of mostly gravel road to reach. Try a huckleberry bear claw, savory baked breads and don’t forget a baker’s dozen cookies for later. If your timing is right, you will be delighted to find a tiny log cabin saloon serving gourmet dinner with a sand volleyball pit.