The Shops At Station 8

Vintage, Antiques, Home Decor, and All Things Inspiring!

Welcome to the Shops at Station 8: an antique and vintage decor store where you will find all things inspiring! We are only 20 minutes from Glacier National Park and my building is the original train depot. I have a passion for Glacier and Great Northern memorabilia and have filled my antique store with desirable pieces.

If you’ve seen us on facebook, you may be wondering “Who is Colette? Who is Rachel? Who is Sharilyn?” Well, let us define ourselves for you!

Colette Gross

Colette is the Owner, and is living her dream! Having the overall vision for the shop, creating themed vignettes and inspired displays is just one of the many things she does. Merchandising and creating is her passion!
“When I’m in the shop I am on the sales floor, moving furniture around, or changing a wall vignette from up on the ladder. I’m a hands on owner! I love to show our customers what we’ve just created, or what we’ve just brought back from one of our Buying trips! I love to say that I get to ‘play’ everyday—it’s not work when I thrive on having my own shop!”

Rachel Kelly

Rachel is the Shop Manager! She is the woman who is there 5 days a week, greeting and assisting customers and helping them in finding the perfect piece for their home! She is the woman who makes certain the shop is always fresh, fun, and inviting, every day!

Sharilyn Fairweather

It is pertinent to include Sharilyn in this list… you might not see her down at the Shop, (unless she’s got a camera in her hand) but you will definitely see her on facebook! Sharilyn is our resident photographer and social media person. She LOVES the Shops at Station 8 almost as much as she loves being in front of a computer screen.