The Gallery of Artist Michael G. Booth

Paintings, Prints, Pottery, Sculptures, Books

Meet the Artist: 

Michael G. Booth is widely recognized as an accomplished painter, sculptor and potter.  His art is characterized by skillful control, expressive contemplative emotion, and academic composition.  After receiving the ultimate studio art degrees, he became an art professor, teaching for thirty-five years. Michael maintained a professional art career, exhibiting and winning awards, judging and organizing shows, lecturing, publishing five art books, creating a series of instructional videos, and owning several art galleries.  Images of his art and feature stories have appeared in numerous publications.  His art has been placed in many high profile collections and public locations.

There are few artists that can match Michael’s diversity and mastery of so many art forms and media.  He works in a wide range of styles from high-realism to abstraction within the art forms of painting, sculpture and pottery in the media of acrylic, oil, watercolor, ceramic clay, bronze and cement. Michael’s work varies in all sizes from monumental to miniatures.

Michael’s work includes art series with subjects of human figures, horses, American Indians, and mountainous landscapes.  Since his most prevalent and continuous series depicts Glacier National Park, some have even titled him, “The Glacier Artist”.

The Gallery: 

Michael and his wife, Janet, live and work in their uniquely designed gallery/studio/home in the high mountains located on the west entrance highway to Glacier National Park in northern Montana.  The beautiful commodious Quonset style log art building was designed and built by the artist.  The gallery is open to retail business during the summer months in correlation to the open season of the national park.