Montana Big Screen

The Only Community Advertising Network of its Kind

Meet Montana Big Screen

Montana Big Screen owns and operates LED Big Screens at events. We have been a big part of more than 200 events throughout Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, providing live video, instant replays, and premier advertising depending on the needs of each event.

Based in the Flathead Valley, we have a unique business model that often creates community partnerships between local events, and businesses that want to be known for their community-engagement. We can feature your business full-screen on the Big Screen in front of the largest crowds in a professional and engaging atmosphere that draws the attention of audience members.

Our Big Screens can also be rented for fundraisers, outdoor movie nights, roadside advertising during sales events, and many other uses. Reach out today to find out how we can work together during your next event!

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Phone: 406-212-8846