Imagine Health

Imagine Health was born in 2007 of Anne-Scott Markle’s vision to create a shared space for holistic healing in Columbia Falls. The facility itself was expanded and renovated with this goal in mind, giving practitioners of various backgrounds a place to work and collaborate. It currently houses a number of independent private practices dedicated to supporting people in their quest for growth, health and wellbeing.


Imagine Health’s Gatheroom is a well-loved venue for yoga, dance and educational classes. Twice a year, Anne facilitates a Daring Way™ course in the Gatheroom, based on Brené Brown’s influential work. Imagine Health is also home to the only John of God Crystal Bed in the Flathead Valley.

“We humans are a complex interwoven system of the body, the mind, and the spirit. We are formed and informed by the interplay of these systems. Our health care, to be truly effective, must acknowledge and address this complexity and  interconnectedness – and also the effect we have on each
other.”  – *Anne Scott-Markle*

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