Huckleberry Haven

Taste the Wilderness

Welcome To Huckleberry Haven, Inc.

Huckleberry Haven, Inc. located in Northwest Montana, just outside of Glacier National Park has been manufacturing Wild Berry delicacies since 1987.  We meticulously prepare our time-honored recipes in small batches to highlight the intensely delectable flavors of the Northwest.  The sweet robust flavors of these unique Wild Berries are indigenous to the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains.  Every wild berry grows naturally in the forest, completely unattended until individually hand-picked each summer.  These berries have never successfully been commercially cultivated and therefore are limited in availability and highly desirable.  We hope you enjoy their delectable flavors as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

Huckleberry Haven manufactures and sells delicious treats, aromas drinks, bath & body items and much, much more.  Shop their online store or contact their office for additional information.