Hanson Trucking Co

Hanson Trucking Inc. is located in beautiful downtown Columbia Falls MT at 251 Truck Rt. Hanson Trucking was started back in 1991 when Plum Creek decided to disband their trucking interest and offered the trucks and business to Skip Hanson. Skip accepted and became the owner of 9 tractors 14 trailers and shop equipment. Many drivers also came over from Plum Creek to help make Hanson Trucking what it is today.

A considerable amount of what we do is done in Canada. We take chips to Skookumchuck and we have 3 – 4 mills in Canada that we haul out of and bring the material back to MDF. We deal with the MDF at Columbia Falls more than with any other mill we do business with. At this time all of our work is shift work, meaning our drivers always return to the shop at the end of their work day. We have several different trailer combinations that we use depending on the job being done. We have A-Trains, B-Trains, 53’ trailers and Livebottoms.