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Gunner’s Story


Photo Courtesy of Gunner’s Light Foundation

I started Gunner’s Light Foundation after Gunner passed away unexpectedly on September 16, 2019. He was 7 1/2 months and It’s been one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. Gunner was a very special little boy, he had this light about him that could wipe aways anyones unhappiness. His smile was more then contagious it would consume you and fill you with so much love. I remember the Monday before he passed away, we were leaving the doctors office. We stood by the elevator when an older lady walked up to us. As always Gunner looked over to the lady and smiled. The older lady said “oh my dear angel you don’t know what your smile just did for me. You must have known I needed that”. She turned and looked at me and said “That’s a very sweet and handsome baby you have”. We got into to the elevator together and she talked to Gunner and he just smiled. Just before I got out I turned to tell the lady thank you and to have a nice day. When I turned to say good bye I saw the she had tears in her eyes. Gunner had touched her as he did with everyone. I didn’t realize that moment in the elevator would be something I’d never forget. 

Kado was Gunner’s dog  two peas in a pod they were. Where ever Gunner went, Kado was sure to follow. Being a big dog Kado was always so gentle, he would check on Gunner at nap time and let us know when Gunner was up. Gunner was truly the baby in the family his brother Roman 26, His two sisters Bianca 24 and Andrea 22. We would all joke about Gunner growing up and how his sisters would keep a close eye on him. There was a day we all figured out how old we would be when Gunner was 17 and boy did we laugh. We  miss him every minute of every day and life without him is so hard. 

It’s just not fair! His light was just to darn bright for us here. And he was called home to do bigger and better things.

My Goal along with my family is to keep that beautiful little light of Gunner’s as bright as we all can. So with Gunner’s Light Foundation we have set out help underprivileged children 0 to 5yrs old to stay warm in the winter by clothing them with jackets, pants, boots. hats, and gloves. We will be grown more and more as we go to help the young single parents and there baby.