Years of Experience & Quality Photography 


Professional Drone Filming – Filming with Drones before they were Drones.

Meet Adele & Jeff Scholl, their passion is capturing high quality aerial perspectives from UAS, full scale aircraft, drones and more.

Jeff Scholl has studied photography for as long as he can remember.  Obtaining his private pilot license after his junior year in high school, Jeff continued to build flight time, licenses and ratings. After completing a Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Studies and Computer Science, he moved to Montana and began developing systems for remote aerial photography and videography.

With years of RC experience, Jeff earned the nickname the “Drone Father”.   When challenging shots arise on set, they call the “Drone Father.”


Adele Scholl grew up in Northwest Virginia, spending most of her days outdoors. Spending her days horseback riding and tending to her pets, she enjoyed photographing them. In the Winter of 85 Adele made her first ski trip to Colorado.  As a result she fell in love with the mountains. Five years later she attended University of Colorado, Boulder and became a Westerner. Never looking back at the East coast, Adele finished her BA and moved to Whitefish Montana.

Today Adele enjoys capturing aerial photography from drones and full scale airplanes.  Focusing on the beauty that surrounds her in Montana.


Professional photographers in aerial images, real estate, landscape and interior architecture.