Creative Combinations Montana LLC

Creative Combinations Montana (CCMT) specializes in creating furniture and custom designs from metal, wood and various reclaimed and new materials. With a passion for quality craftmanship and the ability to understand and create fine details, we take pride in bringing art, function, and simplicity into everyday spaces and environments. Click below to learn more about CCMT and the various skills we have to offer.

CCMT takes pride in creating one of a kind specialty pieces, with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, for any home or space. At CCMT we love using a combination of reclaimed or new materials, metal, wood and any other materials that inspire us. We are experienced with design, fabrication and instillation; taking projects from an idea to the final masterpiece. We work with designers, architects, home owners, contractors, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking for something special to set their build apart.


We offer services at every phase of the building process. Whether you are in the idea phase or already have your designs drawn out, waiting to be brought to life, CCMT can help. We offer free initial consultation to discuss design specifics, ideas and possibilities to understand your dream vision for your unique space. Specializing in furniture and custom metal work, we can help transform your space. Whether you are looking for a single piece or have a full space to design, we can help with everything from metal window and base board trim, to furniture, metal lighting and more.

To find out how CCMT can create your ideas contact us below, we look forward to bringing your dream designs to life!


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