Meet Dr. Stephen Seheult & Cedarwood West Dentistry

15 Dec

Dr. Stephen Seheult joined our Chamber in December, 2017.  Comfort and patient satisfaction is on the top of their priority list! Dr. Stephen received his 1st buck award with the Columbia Falls Area Chamber on December, 12th, 2017.  Welcome to Columbia Falls!

  1. Tell us about your business:
    • We practice general and family dentistry.
  2. What aspect of your business are you passionate about?
    • Providing personalized care, one-to-one, from start to finish. Educating how patients can become as healthy as they choose to be.  Really taking the time to answer any questions and explain/show why something may benefit them for their oral health. 
  3. What is your best or most popular service?
    • Easy going dentistry.
  4. Why should new people come to your business?
    • We have a comfortable environment, great people, thorough care, and a wide range of dental services provided.  We make it a priority to make everyones oral health come first. 
  5. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your business?
    • Previously the practice of Dr. Robert Friess.  Same location at Cedarwood West.

Cedarwood West Dentistry is located at 211 5th Street West in Columbia Falls.  Dr. Stephen and his team take the time to ensure their patients are healthy and pleased with their dental care.  Call today to schedule an appointment!

Open Monday-Thursday 8-4


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