May 2016 President’s Message

01 May

Sm_May_2016_ChamberNewsletterOUTSIDEAre you familiar with the term “geotraveler”? If you had the opportunity to attend the Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Kalispell last month, or if you have kept up on Montana’s marketing efforts, then you know that the geotraveler is our target market for Montana tourism.

Geotourism is a type of tourism that sustains or enhances the geographic character of the place visited, including its environment, culture, heritage, landmarks and the well-being of its residents. Geotravelers want to immerse themselves in our localities. They seek authentic people and places, and they use technology to plan and explore before they arrive. This is great news for our local business community. It means what we do to improve our appearance, service and offerings for our year-round local clientele – our residents – also works to appeal to new, out-of-town business during the “season”.

Sm_May_2016_ChamberNewsletterINSIDEDid you know that on average, bicycle tourists spend an additional 3 days in Montana, and spend an average of $20 more per day than other types of tourists (or, geotravelers)? When 2 million visitors pass through the Gateway to Glacier every summer, those dollars add up. Simple actions, like providing a bike rack in front of your storefront, can lead to big gains for your business.

Read on through this newsletter to discover what the Chamber is doing to attract new business this summer.

Wishing you the most prosperous season yet!

Stacey Schnebel
President, Board of Directors