Freshman Career Exploration Morning

First Annual Freshman Career Exploration Morning

Tuesday, October 16th
Location: CFHS

The Columbia Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Columbia Falls High School wish to invite you to our brand NEW CFHS Freshman Career Exploration Morning!

Event Information:

The purpose of the event is to give freshman students at CFHS first hand opportunities to speak to business professionals and learn important career and educational paths that will get them to their long term goal.

Our goal is to get students thinking about various career choices awhile showing them the study paths that help lead to those careers. CFHS staff will review with them classes at the high school that can lead to certain careers.

Our plan is to make it a fun, exciting event for the students, and you, by engaging our community with our students.  You will have the opportunity to talk to freshman students about how you ended up with your career, your academic path that led you there, and what your job entails.

This discussion will be a small part of the time that you get to spend with students.  The main objective is to engage them in fun way, without lecture but through various fun activities and/or games that can be provided or that you can bring. For example if you are a chef you could give a brief demonstration on cutting or making something simple.

Business Benefits:

  • Exposure
  • Discuss career paths with 180 local students
  • Showcase your industry
  • Help prepare our future generation

Business Requirements at Event:

  • Discuss your industry with other similar professionals
  • Talk about career paths
  • Create an exciting activity to do with the students. (5-10 minutes)

***This event is planned to be different than the job fair we held last spring. There will not be traditional job fair booths, but rather like minded businesses working together to interest students in their industry so they can plan for their future.****

If your business is interested in assisting or attending this event please contact Tamara Sundberg or Tim Frye by Friday, October 5th:

Contact Information:

[email protected]      OR     [email protected]

Thank you for supporting our students and our future community and career leaders!

Strengthen our community and build a generation of strong solid leaders

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