3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

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Hit the Streets for the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament!

July 28th, 2018 – 7:30am-4:oopm

2018 Brackets:

****First game starts at 8:00 (see game number in parenthesis on brackets). Games last 15 minutes or the first team to 15 points.  Following games will start depending on proceeding game length. ****

2018 Check In:

  • Early Check-In: 4-6 Friday, July 27th
  • Morning Check-In: 7:30am Saturday, July 28th

All teams must be checked in by 8:00am Saturday to play! Shirts received on a first-come, first-served basis at check in until they run out.  Thank you and see you all soon!

5-6 Boys

5-8 Girls

7-8 Boys

High School Boys

High School Girls: ***2 teams registered so we will start the games at 8:30 and play best 3/5 with a break between each game. ***

Open Division


  1. True Double Elimination
  2. Games will be played to 15 points or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
  3. Coin toss determines first ball possession. Coin toss will also determine first ball possession if a game goes into overtime.
  4. Ball must be taken back out as far as the top of the extended key on any change of possession before a basket can be made.
  5. Teams must be ready to play at designated times. If a team fails to be on the court within 2 minutes of the game being announced the game may be forfeited.
  6. Player substitutes may be made on change of possession or free throws.
  7. All teams must play man to man defense.
  8. If 4 players are on the roster, all 4 players must participate. In case of injury, a team may continue with 3 but may not substitute other players.
  9. Free throws will be awarded on shooting fouls and intentional fouls only.
  10. If within the 3 point arc, 1 free throw is awarded.
  11. If outside of the 3 point arc, 2 free throws awarded.
  12. Free throws count as 1 point
  13. All baskets inside of the 3 point arc count as 1 point.
  14. Baskets made beyond the 3 point arc count as 2.
  15. Stalling tactics are not allowed.
  16. First offense = warning
  17. Second offense = ball is awarded to opposing team
  18. If an errant ball comes onto the court, play immediately stops. Team will possession will re-start ball at the top of the key.

All teams check in: 7:30am

First Game Starts at 8:00am


Please note that all game times are subject to change.  Each game is to 15 points or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.  This makes it very difficult to give you an exact time of any game other than the opening rounds. 

Typically, games run around 10 minutes, so please take that into consideration as you are coming and going.  Any team that is not on the court within 2 minutes of the game being announced will forfeit the game.

Thank you for your assistance with this.

Thank you to our event sponsors:

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